Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /home2/creabros/public_html/ on line 14 CreaBros Oy - support Helping With Computer Stuff Sat, 13 Apr 2013 11:09:13 GMT Decision dice Improved the dice engine for Symbian and decided to add some new skins. Here it is decision dice:

Shake the phone to roll the die/dice and see what lady fortune says… Shake it enough and right decision will be presented.


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A box of dice 3D The box of dice is a 3D real time simulation of up to fifty die. Enjoy the performance of you mobile to the fullest with this fun game.

Never leave home without a die again.

Top left corner add a die, Top right corner remove a die.

Use touch to pick die. Die can be “locked” by moving it to the top fourth of the screen.

Find the dice at Ovi Store

Showing score
Roll dice by shaking the phone

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Touchy Feely Stopwatch 2.0

Green button – Start/Stop
Yellow button – Continue/Splittime
Blue button – Laptime

To clear results:
wipe about half the length of the view.

clear previous results:
wipe in continous movement three times across the screen or select clear from the menu.

To save:
Check options

To Send:
in options select send. A menu with available sending options will be opened.

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