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mobile toys

Feb 4, 08:14 AM

Over the years l’ve used many different mobile toys. Most have been bought for a specific project. Few just to test what the hype is all about. For last few years most of my projects have been for Symbian the Symbian devices clutter my desks. My latest purchase is a nokia 5800 touch screen phone. Funny thing is that using it is quite reminicent of iPaq PDAs from COMPAQ way back in the year 2000. The screens were bigger, batteries heavier, CPU slow, but still l think designers of present devices should pick one up for comparison. Like anyone who remembers how slow computers used to be and are dissapointed how clumsy and unresponsive they are l felt the same when l picked up iPhone and now this 5800, which l’m using to write this entry. It is painfully slow for i’m not very good with a pen.

Kalle Kuismanen




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