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CreaBros Oy: Web Apps to the rescue?

Web Apps to the rescue?

Oct 7, 02:39 AM

I’ve been coding a little application (unfortunately current version has problems in iOS6, new version is being approved) , which you can use to order a taxi in Helsinki metropolitan area. Original idea was to make everything with PhoneGap i.e. in javascript and port it to all mobile phones.

Application is a simple map that can be clicked to indicate your location and it will fetch the address using reverse geocoding. Taxi is then ordered using a SMS. It took me two days to code. All good.

But then problems arrived. OSM didn’t have accurate enough information for the taxis. What to do. Well for iPhone I decided to use the native MapKit i.e. Google maps. So had to dive into Native code. Extra week of time. In WP7 phone OpenLayers were too slow. Native code again. I’m not an expert in Silverlight so four days learning, two days coding. Still have Android and maybe Symbian … don’t even want to think about it – not at least until Monday.

Lesson here? Each phone platform is a island at the moment. Will someone bring a nice cross platform C++ library to rule them all?

Kalle Kuismanen

Current Projects, Mobile



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