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CreaBros Oy: Stopwatch sales triple while Box of Dice Sales Double

Stopwatch sales triple while Box of Dice Sales Double

Sep 24, 11:40 PM

In August we did a bit of promoting of our Ovi Store, now Nokia Store, applications for Symbian^1, Symbian^3, Anna and Belle Touchy Feely Stopwatch and A Box of Dice 3D. We also added translations and made a few upgrades to the applications and launched Decision Dice. It seems that our actions had a significant effect and we’ve clearly sold more in the month of September than we’ve sold at any time in the history of our apps, with the exception of the first month when Ovi Store opened and the stopwatch app was first launched. The best part is we became less dependent on our sales to Finland. There are a lot of Nokia phones in Finland, but it is still a fairly limited market. See Images below.

Sales distribution
Distribution of sales to top 10 countries for Touchy Feely Stopwatch August 2011

Sales distribution
Distribution of sales to top 10 countries for Touchy Feely Stopwatch September 2011

A surprise came from Norway and Denmark. Markets that we hardly knew existed jumped into the top three. France has previously been a relatively big market, but had for some reason declined, but now re-emerged into top three. Merci beaucoup! Mange Tak! Tusen Takk!.

For the Box of Dice 3D we’ve been puzzled at the sales. They have been very concentrated in Thailand. When we first released the game there were over twenty thousand free downloads from Thailand, so perhaps it is a class room favourite there? We really don’t know but ‡∏LJ∏≠‡∏ö‡∏ч∏∏‡∏ì‡∏°‡∏≤‡∏Å to our customers in Thailand. Hopefully you enjoy the dice. Unfortunately we don’t have a Thai friend (yet) who could translate the comments. Google translations don’t really make sense.

Here are our sales distributions for “A Box of Dice 3D”

Sales for
August sales of “A Box of Dice 3D” app for all countries

Sales for
September sales of “A Box of Dice 3D” app for all countries

So we only sold to six countries in August, with almost all sales going to Thailand. In September we sold to eleven countries, but most of the sales still went to Thailand.

Our disappointing sales of the Decision Dice prompted us to give it away for free in order to spread the word, but though it has quite nice graphics and physics simulation it got buried in the avalanche of entertainment applications.

All in all it has been a very satisfactory September. We could still use more revenue from the apps so we could quit our day jobs, but it is nice to see strong upward trends, despite the platform we are using being squeezed. Perhaps the new Belle operating system and new devices will boost the Symbian base.

Kalle Kuismanen

Mobile, Current Projects


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