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CreaBros Oy: VooDoo doll - with bullet physics

VooDoo doll - with bullet physics

Aug 31, 05:25 AM

After fooling around with bullet physics and completing the dice box 3d project (over 20 000 downloads when it was free, 300 when it cost one € you cheapskates ;) I decided to work on a voodoo doll.

First draft here, notice it still says box of dice, but instead of dice it is a voodoo doll!!!

Current version simulates a hanging ragdoll and pins that can be poked through it. Unfortunately I haven’t had enough time to finish it. I want to add camera capture, so you can replace dolls head with your friends picture and upload to social media so you can show the world what you’ve done to your enemy(dolls).

I’m also planning on adding bumpmaps to texturing. Some fog and cools sounds would be nice too, but have to see. These apps unfortunately are not a gold mine.

Kalle Kuismanen

Current Projects, Mobile



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