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CreaBros Oy: A box of dice 3D

A box of dice 3D

Feb 25, 06:52 PM

It’s been a while, but we finally got our new and improved apps to the Ovi store. It seems that Nokia managed to change operating systems in between, but maybe they’ll change their minds when they see our new apps.

Showing score

We decided not charge for the Dice game, since it plays more like a demo than a game. Still it gives a nice demonstration of the performance of the different Nokia phones.

On 5th edition phones dice games bottle neck is the rendering. Without dedicated graphics processor it takes a long time to draw even one die. New Symbian^3 phones have a dedicated GPU and it shows. Graphics is rendered in parallel in the GPU and very rarely blocks the physics calculations. Interesting phenomenon is that both kinds compute the physics pretty much the same. For fifty dice it takes about .3 seconds to calculate all collisions so the simulation is really slow. To compensate lack of graphics processing power on the 5th edition phones without GPU we removed some detail from the dice and lowered the frame rate so movement wouldn’t feel sluggish. This of course makes the image more jerky, but there is not much that really can be done about it. Perhaps we’ll try to make non textured version in the future.

People seem to like the dice, about 3000 copies have been downloaded in three days. With India leading the pack. Enjoy!

Find the dice at Ovi Store

Kalle Kuismanen

Mobile, Current Projects



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