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CreaBros Oy: Vacation


Jan 28, 12:01 PM

Last year we spent a week in a small cabin by a frozen lake in northern Finland. I recommend it to anybody who is stuck behind a computer screen every working day. To feel like vacation things should be different from the everyday life. Things like fishing from a hole in the ice, heating the cabin with wood and bathing in a sauna relax the mind in ways that a month in a hotel down south would never match. Also the physical workout reduces stress caused by too much mental work. I recommend it to all IT workers. I’m definitely going first chance I get.Skiing 2007
Timo Kinnunen, a friend of mine, once mentioned, after a work related trip to Lapland, that no matter how good the virtual reality experience is, he couldn’t imagine that the great feeling of standing on a snowy mountain side with sun shining over the snow after a hard climb can be topped.

Kalle Kuismanen




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