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CreaBros Oy: What do you do when fan is hit?

What do you do when fan is hit?

Feb 6, 06:03 AM

Last thirty hours went down the drain. Rootkit attack on the server. Mail not moving, customers calling and I just started another project that should take all my attention.
Well what can you do? Run down to the office pull the wire out, go to single user, unmount all that’s possible start going through the files.

Don’t know if it’s gone, but now the mail is moving again. Have to come back and redo the boot sector etc.

If somebody tells you that some system is safe from intrusion, laugh at their faces and call them a fool.

Lessons learned, when you think your system is running well, make sure you have a copy so you can write over the crap that intruders have installed.

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Kalle Kuismanen




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